Hear65 music videos roundup featuring - YAØ, Aisyah Aziz, Nathan Hartono, Tanya Chua and more

Hear65 music videos roundup featuring - YAØ, Aisyah Aziz, Nathan Hartono, Tanya Chua and more

Music videos help artists to visually express the meaning behind their tracks. More often than not, these videos offer a deeper understanding and connection to the message behind each song while providing entertainment. In this new series, we will be doing a monthly roundup of music videos from our homegrown musicians that fly under the radar.

Check out this list of our roundup of music videos from homegrown artists and contact us at hello@hear65.com to submit your music videos!


Newest West Romance 《最新西部爱情》- Ty. and Nathan Hartono

Released: 17 July

Singapore singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono joins Chinese rapper Ty. in this remix of the original G-Funk track. Watch as they cruise along roads and cycle in parks while singing and rapping at the same time.

Hopelessly Devoted to You (Lyric Video) - YAØ, Aisyah Aziz

Released: 16 July

YAØ and Aisyah Aziz put their own rendition of the 1978 Grease classic ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’. In the lyric video, the vintage-styled video features romantic memories of couples and various sceneries.

出走 - Tanya Chua

Released: 14 July

In '出走', Tanya Chua sings about how we shouldn’t be afraid to walk out and leave despite life’s many uncertainties. The melancholic video features people from all walks of life trapped indoors, leading viewers to reflect on the importance of being brave and stepping out.

what are we? (Acoustic) - Soul Dot, Akeem Jahat, Marian Carmel

Released: 11 July

Soul Dot reunites with rapper Akeem Jahat and singer Marian Carmel on an acoustic version of their latest single ‘what are we?’. In this vintage-styled video, watch the three artists as they jam in a soothing rendition of the track detailing the protagonist facing a complicated relationship.

Death of Me (Stripped Down) - Dreebsby

Released: 11 July

Featuring bassist Tony Palumbo, Dreebsby performs a stripped-down version of ‘Death of Me’, where the song tells a vivid picture of a toxic romance, making it a perfect song to listen to an afterparty at 5 AM. 

Jika Benar (Lyric Video) - Yushini Qistina

Released: 9 July

Written and produced by The Lionstory, Yushini Qisitina belts out her strong and impressive vocals in the lyric video for her new song ‘Jika Benar’. Watch Yushini detail a story about heartbreak and longing as she sings the lyrics with vulnerability.

Could've Been Us - Gareth Fernandez

Released: 7 July

A spiritual successor to his 2019 single, ‘Achilles’, Gareth Fernandez voices his regrets on a relationship that is long lost in the music video in ‘Could’ve Been Us’. Shot in the renowned Victoria Concert Hall, the single is a forsaken ballad filled with gospel-style harmonies and tender piano lines.

Another Little Postcard - Amanda Ong

Released: 7 July

Detailing memories from her younger self, Amanda Ong says that the single “is a collection of letters that I’ve written to myself over the years”. The heartwarming video shows the process of Amanda writing and mailing almost 100 postcards worldwide to her loved ones.

The Road Ahead - NDP 2021

Released: 2 July 

Performed by Linying, Sezairi, Shye and Shabir, this year's National Day Parade theme song is one for the books. The music video is a visually-arresting mix of footages shot at familiar locations around Singapore and features lively, sketch-like animations created by local production house Finding Pictures.  

saint - brb. (live performance)

Released: 2 July 

Homegrown R&B trio brb. rocks their trap-infused, flashy new single 'saint' in their first-ever live performance video. Taken off their latest EP 'fleur' released in June 2021, 'saint' has been described as a "metaphorical representation of the unexplainable attraction that blurs the lines between love and manipulation." 

Feel This Way - Rahmat Damansari 

Released: 2 July 

Singer-songwriter Rahmat Damansari croons a lonely breakup anthem in this emotional music video for 'Feel This Way'. '[It] is about a guy who lost the love of his life and is at his wits' end. He wanders aimlessly in all the places he and his ex-partner used to go to. I hope that the audience will relieve good memories they had with someone who's no longer there with them," he shared. 

Together, towards a new normal - gov.sg

Released: 2 July

Forgotten about Phua Chu Kang's disco-inspired vaccination campaign MV that took social media by storm earlier this year? Don't fret. The government has unveiled yet another banger in a bid to get more people inoculated, featuring performances by homegrown musicians Annette Lee and Yung Raja, comedian Mark Lee, actress Siti Khalijah and national athlete Ng Ming Wei


Maria (Hwasa cover) - Sasha M

Released: 29 June

Dance-pop artist Sasha M puts up a stunning English cover of 'Maria', originally performed by MAMAMOO's Hwasa. "This video says everything I want to say about the topic of beauty standards and mental health right now...from the unattainable beauty standards often portrayed on social media...to the importance of finding space in your life to let your hair down," shared Sasha on the message of the video.

Centrefold - Cayenne

Released: 28 June

Indie-pop band Sobs' frontwoman Celine Autumn launches her solo project as Cayenne with an eponymous EP that features this flirtatious, bubblegum track. The trippy visualizer for 'Centrefold' is produced by 3D artist JJ Low, who also worked on Cayenne's previous video for 'Fav Treat'. 

When Will I Be Loved - Tabitha Nauser

Released: 25 June

Tabitha's smiles and the tune's summer-pop vibes belie the melancholic lyrics of this breakup anthem. Featuring fan-submitted clips that showcase 'moments of their love', this music video is a visual reminder of the song's message that we are worthy of love despite our past failures. 

not rly - Shye

Released: 25 June

An unimpressed Shye croons about the individual that everyone seems to be falling in love with, and how she's having none of that. The music video for 'not rly' was directed by vadbibes and features the singer-songwriter frolicking in a tiny room as she sings about knowing her worth. 

clse2u (reimagined) - Dominic Chin, Jean Seizure

Released: 25 June

As part of Dominic Chin's latest stripped-down project 'Re-Licensed To Cry', fellow musician and friend Jean Seizure was roped in to duet on this lush, orchestra-infused make-over of 'clse2u'. “Jean was a longtime friend, and we always wanted to collaborate but there was never a chance. When the idea for the album popped up, it was only natural for me to want to work with Jean on this very special song," shared Dominic. 

Worth The Wait - Shonn

Released: 25 June

26-year-old Shonn's debut single 'Worth The Wait' is a heartwarming tribute to the one love whom he's waited for all his life. The singer-songwriter, who works on the frontlines as an emergency department doctor at NUH, finds peace and serenity as he spends time with his partner in this sentimental music video that's sure to tug at your heartstrings. 

Swamp - Name. 

Released: 25 June

This earthy instrumental track immerses listeners knee-deep into the realm of the marshlands and the greater wilderness. Composer Name. filmed the music video for this tenth track of his project at the iconic mangroves of Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve. 

Tell Me - EVXNS

Released: 21 June

EVXNS' first-ever music video tells the story of someone trying to find a happier and positive version of himself. Commenting on the video’s message, EVXNS says: “I hope this video helps to remind people that it’s better to keep moving forward, instead of constantly living in the past.”

People in The Neighbourhood - Jack & Rai Ft. Suhaimi Yusof

Released: 19 June

Music duo Jack and Rai team up with veteran actor Suhaimi Yusof to put their own parody spin on the ’80s Sesame Street classic. The video features the trio satirising recent controversial issues that have happened in Singapore, such as the naked motorcycle rider and Malay wedding standee while belting out a tongue-in-cheek cover of the iconic tune.

Kemesraan - Nana Karia

Released: 18 June

Commenting about the origins of the song, Nana Karia said: “Kemesraan is born out of love, calmness and the joy of intimacy with your soul.” Featuring various sceneries and beaches, this video spotlights the singer and her real-life husband forging romantic and humourous memories together as a couple.

一天加點愛 Daily Dose of Love - Gentle Bones Ft. Karencici

Released: 14 June

Beloved singer-songwriter Gentle Bones is in a long-distance relationship with Chinese fashion icon and artist Karencici! That's the case, at least, for this music video. With travel restrictions in place, both musicians filmed their separate parts in Singapore and Taiwan. The video features scenes of the powerhouse duo leading their daily lives separated by geography, yet connected in routine and their shared understanding that love can be kept alive with small acts of care from day to day. 

3am - Evxns (Lyric Video)

Released: 14 June

Filmed in London's famous Brick Lane, Evxns tells a bitter story of heartbreak and lonely nights in this new lyric video for his track '3am'. Watch as the words to this soulful R&B song are plastered all over lamp posts, payphones and handrails found across the iconic London street, in an act Evxns has cheekily described as 'vandalism'. 


Released: 11 June 

Hip-hop duo HYBRD sends a clear message about their inimitability in this self-directed music video for their rap banger 'NOT ME'. A track about valuing the true self, HYBRD's Draco Raj shares that the song  "sums up our determination to find our way… and trust our instincts with what we find truly authentic to ourselves." 

Jatuh Boi - YHB Sleepsalot Ft. SonaOne

Released: 11 June

YHB Sleepsalot may only be 19 years old, but he demonstrates that his youth doesn't make him a pushover in this audacious music video for his single 'Jatuh Boi'. The video also stars frequent collaborator and Malaysian rapper SonaOne.


Released: 7 June 

Bookended by mesmerizing close-ups of a snowglobe-shaped music box, THE KALEIDO EFFECT presents this shimmering music video for 'Glimmer', the first single off their latest EP 'Daydream'. It features band members on the electric guitar, drums and cello working their magic to create this melodious and wonder-inspiring instrumental track. 

gone too long - lullaboy (lyric video) 

Released: 5 June 

lullaboy's latest single 'gone too long' is a moving ode to a long-distance relationship partner yearning for the day when they can meet again. The lyric video was filmed on lullaboy's phone and shows snippets of his travel escapades all around the world, including to countries like Singapore, Indonesia, L.A. and Boston. 

Maturity - Name. 

Released: 4 June

Music producer and composer Nate, better known as Name., gets artsy and paints a picture of a man reminiscent of his iconic emblem in this music video for 'Chapter 8: Maturity'. The track has been fittingly described by Name. to be a representation of "the sound of wisdom". 

What It Used To Be - New Recording 47

Released: 2 June

Singaporean a cappella group New Recording 47 stars in this nostalgia-inducing music video for their debut single 'What It Used To Be'. Take a trip down memory lane with the group as they peer into a box of old stuff and pull out the simple objects we used to enjoy as kids, including an inflatable paper ball, a plush toy dog and LEGO bricks. 


幸福该有的美 - Haven & KD Estrada 

Released: 31 May

The animated music video features rising Singaporean singer-songwriter Haven and Filipino actor and musician KD Estrada against an oriental backdrop complete with falling cherry blossom petals. A remake of the popular Filipino classic 'Mabagal', the upbeat, jazz-inspired duet talks about "an everlasting feeling that one would experience, a strong overflowing love for someone that an individual just cross paths with." 

im not comin back - MAXIMILIAN

Released: 30 May

MAXIMILIAN sings a heartrending number about love that's been irreversibly lost in this music video. "Listen to it once and you may feel the euphoria of your first love on cloud nine. Listen to it again and the sorrow of separation engulfs you," says songwriters MAXIMILIAN and Justin Thong. The song is a single off his latest album 'for felicia'. 

CROWN - Amni Musfirah (Mini Film) 

Released: 29 May

Musician and female-empowerment advocate Amni Musfirah performs tracks from her highly-anticipated debut album 'CROWN' in this cinematic experience directed by Nicholas Damien Goh. Featuring her single 'Vacation' and other songs like 'Yelling' and 'My Heart Is Yours', Amni hopes this album will remind listeners "to live life to their fullest and treat themselves and their partners with love and respect and recognize each other's unique powers and identity." 

Eiffel Tower - Dru Chen (Acoustic Lyric Video) 

Released: 28 May

Singaporean pop/R&B singer-songwriter Dru Chen serenades listeners in this lyric video, performing an acoustic version of his latest sentimental ballad which conjures up imagery of Paris, France — the City of Love. Co-written by Gentle Bones, the song has been described to be about "exploring relationships - whether romantic, platonic or familial," and "discovering the world through new lenses and constantly pushing one another to be better." 

Tell Me That It's Fine - Danger Noodle Ft. Trevor Wong

Released: 21 May 

Musician Jared Wong's multi-genre collaborative project Danger Noodle explores themes of domestic violence and toxic relationships in this electrifying music video for their pop-punk single Tell Me That It's Fine. It was shot by Fast Forward Media and stars actress/singer Miriam Cheong as a spouse who's trapped in an abusive marriage. 

Hey Love - LAYYI (Lyric Video) 

Released: 20 May

Singer-songwriter LAYYI has released a lyric video for her acoustic debut single 'Hey Love'. On what she hopes listeners can take away from this delicate yet uplifting track, LAYYI says: "It’s always nice to have a loving 'somebody' to tell us that everything’s gonna be okay, you have all that you really need and that you are loved, and you’re enough. I hope that as you listen to this in these tough times, you’d hear that loving someone in your life (whoever it may be) singing these words to you."

MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE - Bitty Ft. Axel Brizzy

Released: 18 May 

R&B-pop singer-songwriter and bassist Bitty returns with rapper Axel Brizzy in this tongue-in-cheek music video for 'MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE'. Shot at iconic Singaporean landmarks including Gardens by the Bay and Changi Beach, the video features Bitty hypothesising about what a life of complete financial freedom could look like. It has been described as "an intimate exposé on what it's like to have less and less as the dream to 'make it' means – and costs – more and more". 

Better With You (Acoustic) - Gentle Bones & Benjamin Kheng 

Released: 15 May

Local music sensations Gentle Bones and Benjamin Kheng crash a humble busker's performance at an underpass. With the busker providing accompaniment on the guitar, the two singers belt out a vulnerable, acoustic version of their duet 'Better With You', which was first released in December 2020. 

I Can't Sleep - YAØ

Released: 14 May

Fast-rising pop singer-songwriter YAØ has dropped a dreamlike clip for his latest single, 'I Can't Sleep'. Featuring tongue-in-cheek vignettes of the singer gallivanting around the city, the video perfectly encapsulates the anxieties of a restless night. The track is YAØ's debut single under Universal Music Singapore, and previews his upcoming album Broke Pop Kids.

Fire (Official Dance Performance) - RRILEY

Released: 14 May

Sandra Riley Tang aka RRILEY has returned with a feisty dance performance of 'Fire', a cut from her Alpha EP that was released in August 2020. Decked out in white, the singer unleashes her sass front and centre with choreography by Syazwan Rahmad

Modern Slaves - Juniper

Released: 8 May

Juniper releases a dark music video for her single 'Modern Slaves', set in a dystopian world with masked beings similar to that in the movie series The Purge. According to the self-made producer and musician, the inspiration came from her observation of “how many office drones/fresh graduates work tirelessly at their jobs, ultimately trading their soul for work, money and prestige.”


Released: 7 May

In his latest single 'hahaha', local hip-hop star ABANGSAPAU has made it clear that he intends to keep himself grounded despite the fame and success that he has enjoyed. In its accompanying music video, directed by Island Boys, the Def Jam Southeast Asia signee is shown living out the "glamorous" celebrity life that is coveted by many. The rapper ultimately gives up this life and retreats to a neighbourhood park where he finds solace.

LMI - Astronauts Ft. Sherlyn Veronica

Released: 6 May

Directed by Vann Law, the beautifully animated lyric video for Astronauts and Sherlyn Veronica's 'LMI' tells a story of a complicated relationship between two individuals who want to be seen and vulnerable but find it hard to resist the urge to hide away. Law, who drew inspiration for the video from vertical scrolling comics, shared: "Whichever voice you identify with, it's going to take two to meet again." 

Woah Shxt - Opus Renegade, A4Dre

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Released: 6 May

Rappers Opus Renegade and A4Dre have described creating their latest single 'Woah Shxt' as "a fun and laid back process with no worries, only good energy". This feel-good energy can also be found in the track's accompanying music video, which shows the duo "vibing" and "bopping" at places such as an HDB apartment and a playground. 


Released: 4 May

RENE was out on a simple fishing trip when she received a call to locate a fallen spacecraft from an unknown number, sparking her race against time to save the world from an extraterrestrial invasion. The music video features cameos from the likes of Haneri, Joakim Gomez and NAMIE. The song has been described as “RENE's direct request to the cosmos to save this world from the horrors of modern-day humanity and take her away from her existential troubles.”


Alternate Universe - M DRAKO

Released: 30 April

Violinist and singer M DRAKO releases an EDM-inspired track that features a dramatic violin solo against thumping drum beats. The artist has this to say about the song: “Alternate Universe is about comparing oneself to the perfect version of an alternate self existing in a parallel universe. It is a state of perfection we strive for but can never realistically attain.”

Next Better Playa (feat. Gayle Nerva) - Nat Ho

Released: 30 April

The lyric video for 'Next Better Playa' features retro, arcade-game style graphics that sit well with the title of the song. Two avatars, male and female, are seen chasing each other and going through different challenges such as scaling a mountain. The animations for the video were produced by Sydney Wild.

Elephant - Sambal Snake

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Released: 23 April

The cheeky music video features rapper Sambal Snake with his posse on a typical HDB block's rooftop. Scenes in the video show the boys eating some of Singaporeans' favourite local cuisine such as dough fritters and ang ku kuehs. The track is described as oozing "vintage charm with a blend of lo-fi samples alongside grungy, hard-hitting 808s."

day/dreams & tears - yams

Released: 20 April

Singer-songwriter yams releases an eerie production which revolves around themes related to the Hungry Ghost Festival. Playing a Chinese ghost alongside a female entity named "maggie", yams blurs the boundary between being dead and alive in this video. The song is described as a reflection of "what it feels like to dream in Singapore - how often it feels like we must choose between our day(job) or our dreams." This video project is a recipient of the Young Changemakers Grant from the National Youth Council. 

Rise - Axel Brizzy

Released: 16 April

Rapper Axel Brizzy is bound up and struggles to break free from various forms of chains in this epic music video. According to an interview with videographer ihasamic, the music video depicts “[Axel Brizzy’s] mental state when he first started out, and not being able to handle the stress and expectations” that were laid upon him.

I'm Fine - Nathan Hartono

Released: 11 April

Singer-songwriter Nathan Hartono transforms into a crash test dummy for this music video, in which he is made to endure a barrage of attacks from unknown assailants. Described as "a visual depiction of what life feels like sometimes", the video follows Hartono as he gets hit by an assortment of objects (which he handpicked), including glass bottles, raw eggs, water balloons, and even a flying hammer. 

Ek Chota Heart - Karthick Kanan, Beyond Waveforms

Released: 10 April

This visually striking music video perfectly complements the electronic pop sounds of Karthick Kanan and Beyond Waveform's collaborative single 'Ek Chota Heart'. It was conceived by fusing comic book and anime influences with images shot by Karthick and his collaborators as well as parallax effects. Karthick, who penned and composed 'Ek Chota Heart' also conceptualised ideas for the video and served as its storyboardist. 

Complicated Love Song - Narelle

Released: 2 April

Helmed by Midnight Posse Films' Jed, the music video for homegrown pop sensation Narelle's 'Complicated Love Song' has been described as a "proud clarion call" and a film "for girls, with girls, and by girls". Themes that are explored in this eye-catching video include girlhood as well as the importance of friendship between women.



重生 REBORN - The Cold Cut Duo雙節奏

Released: 31 March

The Cold Cut Duo雙節奏's music video for '重生 REBORN' beautifully fuses performative elements of Chinese Opera and contemporary hip hop aesthetics. In order to promote Chinese Opera to their younger listeners and raise awareness about Chinese culture, the homegrown electronic, hip hop, and R&B outfit invited two professional Chinese Opera performers from the Singapore Chinese Opera Institute to star alongside them in the video. 

Mami - Yung Raja

Released: 26 March

Directed by Bless7Up and edited by Vadbibes' Jasper Tan, this vibrant, psychedelic music video is the perfect accompaniment to rap sensation Yung Raja's 'Mami'. From surfing on dollar bills to climbing on saris (a women's garment that is referenced in the song) and jewellery, the *SCAPE Youth Music Award 2021 winner delivers yet another delightful performance in this memorable video. 

Bulan Sabit Di Bibir - Hyrul Anuar

Released: 26 March

From brilliant minds over at Hello Harun comes a music video that perfectly captures the mood of Hyrul Anuar's dance-inducing song 'Bulan Sabit Di Bibir (Crescent Moon On The Lip)'. Donning a stylish suit, the singer-songwriter shows off his dancing chops against the backdrop of Singapore's central business district in one of the video's most memorable scenes. This may well be Singapore's answer to The Weeknd's 'Blinding Lights'.

Replay - Dru Chen

Released: 26 March

Singer-songwriter Dru Chen takes fans back to the 1990s in the acoustic lyric video for his single 'Replay'. Set in a 90s-inspired boyhood bedroom with a vintage television set and floral motifs, the video shows Dru slow-dancing with a  mannequin and strumming on an electric guitar. According to the songster, his "memories came flooding back" and he "felt like a kid again" when he was on set. 

Cabin Fever - Subsonic Eye

Released: 25 March

The music video for 'Cabin Fever' is proof that local indie-rock band Subsonic Eye are not only talented musicians, but also gifted filmmakers. Shot by guitarist Daniel Castro Borces, the video follows frontwoman Nur Wahidah as she cycles along a scenic stretch in Singapore. The most amazing part about the music video? It was all done in one take. 

MEDUSA - Jasmine Sokko

Released: 22 March

European Renaissance meets cyber-punk futurism in the visually stunning music video for homegrown singer-songwriter and producer Jasmine Sokko's latest single 'MEDUSA'.  Directed by Jasper Tan, the video features Jasmine in a new mask inspired by the naga, a mythical half-human, half-serpent creature. It also consists of several empowering dance sequences set within the iconic National Gallery.

Thadai Edhuvai - Niranjan Pandian

Released: 21 March 2021

Inspired by the challenges that composer and award-winning flutist Niranjan Pandian faced during the pandemic, 'Thadai Edhuvai' is a song that seeks to encourage those who have fallen on hard times. Its music video, produced by Vasanthakumar Anbalagan, uses empowering images to remind struggling individuals to endure and persevere. 

Closer - SATINA

Released: 10 March 2021

While SATINA's latest single 'Closer' is about loving one's other half fearlessly, the music video for it revolves around the theme of self-love. Through her confident dance performance, SATINA encourages her fans to embrace their sensuality and be comfortable with their own appearances instead of conforming to society's beauty standards. 

Leave Me Alone - Amanda Ong

Released: 10 March 2021

Directed and edited by Amanda Ong, the music video for the singer-songwriter's latest single, 'Leave Me Alone', depicts the singer-songwriter at various places in Singapore — from a bus stop to a rooftop — through a series of unusually framed shots. The most amazing thing about this video is that it was shot entirely on an iPhone.

A Day At A Time - Gentle Bones and Clara Benin

Released: 8 March 2021

Singaporean singer-songwriter Gentle Bones and Filipina singer Clara Benin find beauty in simplicity in the music video for their duet, 'A Day At A Time'. The delightful two-and-a-half-minute long video features the two in everyday situations — from preparing a bowl of cereal to posting stories on Instagram — and even contains a segment in which Gentle Bones parodies the famous Lo-Fi Study Girl YouTube video. Also included in the music video are clips of fans holding up words of encouragement for those who are going through a tough time. 


Battles - Izat Ibrahim

Released: 26 Feb 2021

Directed by Amsyar Bakar, the music video for Izat Ibrahim's 'Battles' is the moody reflection of the pain and struggles that the artist narrates in the song. The music videos sees Izat passionately sing about the uphill battles of a relationship, hoping to help his loved one through a difficult journey. 

uRight - ShiGGa Shay ft. Jay Park

Released: 25 Feb 2021

Oh, how the worlds of Asian hip-hop have collided. In a showcase of culture and impeccable musicality, the music video for 'uRight' by homegrown rapper ShiGGa Shay and Korean hip-hop act Jay Park sees the two acts rapping about a girl they can't help but want to be with, backdropped by the iconic skyline of Singapore. The music video was shot by Jay Ahn and edited by Director Fish.


Released: 21 Feb 2021

The music video for WHOLEFOODS' and khei's ROSES. is reminiscent of late-night adventures and cozy conversations with friends. Directed by Florent Corchia and edited by Melody Yeo, the music video sees candid clips of the two acts and their friends just hanging out, which perfectly reflect the laidback and chill tone of the track.

Stay up til I sleep - jaye

Released: 19 Feb 2021

Thrilling and enchanting, you can't help but have your eyes glued to jaye's 3-minute visual masterpiece. Comprising of different characters, the music video plays on the story of the song, which was inspired by the countless nights that his wife stayed up late with jaye. The music video explores a love-hate relationship between the two, where one side sees unconditional love while the other sees resentful exhaustion having stayed up late.

Timeframe - Iman Fandi

Release Date: 19 Feb 2021

Directed by Singaporean filmmaker Choānn, the music video for Iman Fandi's, debut single, 'Timeframe', is a cinematic experience that takes viewers into the psyche of the up-and-coming singer, the daughter of Singapore football legend Fandi Ahmad and retired model Wendy Jacobs. Combining beautiful cinematography with a stunning Iman performance, the six-minute-long video sees its protagonist revel in her individuality away from public attention. 

Waiting on You - Duumu, Haneri, Majent

Release Date: 19 Feb 2021

During a Zoom call, Singaporean songstress Haneri, French DJ Duumu, and American producer Majent spontaneously came up with an idea to record the music video for their latest single, 'Waiting on You', on the virtual conferencing platform. According to Haneri, the trio thought that it was a 'cute' concept that reflected the way in which they came together to work on the song despite living in different countries.

Daytime Cold - Jeremy Chua

Release Date: 19 Feb 2021

The music video for Jeremy Chua's experimental folk song, 'Daytime Cold', invites viewers to join the singer-songwriter as he journeys through the thoughts in his head. Directed by Chua himself, the beautifully shot piece sees its protagonist, also played by Chua, embark on a meditative trek through a tranquil suburban neighbourhood in Melbourne's South-East as well as various areas in Greater Melbourne.

粤式喜欢你 (Loving You Cantonesely) - Han Yew Kwang

Release Date: 14 Feb 2021

'粤式喜欢你 (Loving You Cantonesely)' is the passion project of homegrown filmmaker Han Yew Kwang, who grew up listening to Cantopop greats such as Sam Hui, George Lam, Leslie Chung, and Anita Mui. Written and directed by Han, the 10-minute long music video is set against the backdrop of 80s Singapore and tells the story of a man, played by Andie Chen, who falls in love with a woman, played by Oon Shu Ann, when he least expects to. It also stars local actors Henry Thia and Jasmine Sim in supporting roles. If you are a Cantopop lover, you absolutely have to check out this delightful video. 

Oak Cherry Wine - Jean Tan and 양중은YANG JUNG EUN

Release Date: 14 Feb 2021

This month, homegrown singer-songwriter Jean Tan teamed up with Korean singer 양중은YANG JUNG EUN for a very special Valentine's Day remix of her 2020 hit 'Oak Cherry Wine'.  In its accompanying music video, two lovers perform a dance routine in Stockholm, Sweden that beautifully blends the traditional ballet moves with more contemporary street dance ones. With their beautiful dancing synced to Tan and Yang's mellifluous vocals, it is difficult not to be mesmerised by this video. 

My Crush Should Confess to Me Instead - deførmed

Release Date: 14 Feb 2021

An unorthodox music video for an unorthodox Valentine's Day single. In his latest track, which was released on 14 February, deførmed sings about his inability to tell the woman he likes how he feels about her and tells listeners that she should "confess to him instead". In the song's music video, the story told by deførmed unfolds in a literal manner. One of the highlights of this eccentric video is definitely the scene in which the singer sings and strums his electric guitar while staring at the camera with a deadpan expression.

Where We're Going - NyaLi and ZIONN

Release Date: 12 Feb 2021

A collaboration between NyaLi Music, StepStudio, and Weikang Productions, the music video for Singaporean singer NyaLi's 'Where We're Going', a track that was produced by ZIONN, tells a story about an individual who falls helplessly in love with another despite her efforts to take things slowly. Adopting a story within a story framing device, the vibrant video sees the protagonist, played by NyaLi, filming a music video with a charming director. It also features a number of eye-catching dance segments that accompany the song's catchy tune.

餘額 (What Remains) - Stefanie Sun

Release Date: 5 Feb 2021

A familiar face from the Singapore entertainment scene, veteran actor Christopher Lee, takes centre stage in the music video for Stefanie Sun's '餘額 (What Remains)'. In the 5-minute video, which plays out like a short film, Lee's character finds himself struggling to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Sun, who does not appear in the video but worked with its director to develop its story, describes it as a tale about an individual who has to find a way to escape from the room in which he is imprisoned.

Fresh Feeling - Benjamin Kheng Ft. J.Sheon

Release Date: 4 Feb 2021

Benjamin Kheng's infectious new track 'Fresh Feeling' now has an eye-catching music video to accompany it. Produced by local production studio, The Hummingbird Co., the video is a three-and-a-half-minute visual feast that features colourful sets and costumes and a delightful Benjamin Kheng performance. Taiwanese rapper J.Sheon and Kheng's fiancee Naomi Yeo also make appearances in this whimsical video.

Can't Seem To Get Anything - M1LDL1FE

Release Date: 1 Feb 2021

The music video for M1LDL1FE's 'Can't Seem To Get Anything' features gorgeous animations by the talented Phoebe Ting, Yanhan Hoo and Denise Yap. It perfectly captures the mood of the indie band's latest track and does an excellent job of depicting scenes — such as the one in which the protagonist falls through space — that are almost impossible to capture using traditional means.   


Better With You - Gentle Bones and Benjamin Kheng

Release Date: 27 Jan 2021

Homegrown Singaporean singer-songwriters Gentle Bones and Benjamin Kheng have teamed up to feature in a music video for their single 'Better With you', which was released in December last year. The music video sees them conveying their warmest regards through a pop music emergency in a sci-fi setting. The video follows Captain Bones' journey across the galaxy to respond to a distress signal from Earth, which was brought about by Benjamin Kheng's pop-star character, which closely resembles the king of pop.

Won't You Come Around - Charlie Lim, Aisyah Aziz

Release Date: 25 Jan 2021

'Won't You Come Around’ was released earlier this year and delivers a copacetic blend of two languages, English and Malay, in a modern R&B track. The music video reflects on the journey of a long-term relationship and touches on the growing pains of learning to understand, accept, and relying on each other. Featuring powerhouses Charlie Lim and Aisyah Aziz, the video is bound to transport its viewers into an emotional and reflective mood.

Glass Shard - Sasha M and Zaleia

Release Date: 22 Jan 2021

Inspired by the personal lives of Sasha M and Zaleia, the music video for 'Glass Shard' is a cinematic piece that tells a story of transformation and self-discovery. The message that the artists are hoping to convey through this video is that although two individuals might hold opposing views, they are actually more alike than they think.  

《一帆瘋順 CRAZY SMOOTH 新年組曲》MICappella麥克瘋 X 暴牙菇

Release Date: 20 Jan 2021

Celebrate Chinese New Year in 2021 with MICappella's rendition of 10 Chinese New Year songs in 10 different musical genres! Check out how they deliver their spin to these lunar new year classics in the music video directed by Goh Mingwei. Expect seamless switches through various genres of music including Retro, Manyao, K-Pop, and more in this musical journey with MICappella.

TO DA WAR - Bennett A.K., $auceSide, Dylan Pearce

Release Date: 15 Jan 2021

In a rap song that blends Korean and English rap, the music video for 'TO DA WAR' sees the likes of Bennett A.K., $auceSide, Dylan Pearce, Xyanu, and SIKW_ delivering their verses in a fast-paced music video which follows the crew through various street settings. The music video is directed and edited by Dylan Pearce himself.

For You - Scenery

Release Date: 14 Jan 2021

‘For You’  blends ethereal guitar lines, crooning vocals and a bold rhythm and bass section to create a warm-toned space of contemplative reprieve. Accompanying the song is a Wong Kar Wai inspired video where the collaboration with Singaporean director, Daniel Chan (Dan Visuals), paints a blurry night drive home, following the ponderings of a pensive salaryman. From introspective night drives home to start-stop relationships, the music video further accentuates the meaning behind the track, which explores the pains of distance and longing.

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