To Niu beginnings - Celebrate the Year of the Ox with Hear65's Lunar New Year playlist

To Niu beginnings - Celebrate the Year of the Ox with Hear65's Lunar New Year playlist

It's 12 February 2021. A sumptuous spread of goodies — including pineapple tarts, egg rolls, spicy prawn rolls and almond cookies — awaits you at the table. You've just received generous ang baos (red packets) from your relatives who won't stop telling you how much you've grown and how good-looking you are. You are surrounded by your loved ones and there is an air of happiness in the house. The Lunar New Year is off to a good start, but what if we told you that it can be better?

How? With some tunes to get everyone in the festive mood, of course. With the safe management measures still in place, this year's celebrations will be slightly different, but the festive season certainly does not have to be a muted affair. To help you usher in the Year of the Ox, here is a playlist of feel-good songs by Singaporean artists that are guaranteed to breathe life into your Chinese New Year gatherings. 

In it, you will find a diverse selection of festive songs, including Joanna Dong's jazzy 2021 single '快乐乐乐' (Happy-py-py)', MICappella's energetic '一帆瘋順 CRAZY SMOOTH 新年組曲' Chinese New Year medley, and Lim Tay Peng's '捞鱼生 (The Lo Hei Song)'. Speaking of '捞鱼生 (The Lo Hei Song)', why not blast this song through the speakers while you toss yusheng this year? 

Aside from Chinese New Year tunes, the playlist also comprises a number of non-festive tunes that are suitable for this year's celebrations. THELIONCITYBOY's infectious 'Buang Suay', for instance, reminds us to discard the bad luck in our lives. There's also Nathan Hartono's '什麼都不做的一天 (Do Nothing Day)', which is perfect for those who just want to laze around over the long weekend, as well as The Freshman's serotonin-filled 2016 track '好爱你lah (Hao Ai Ni Lah)'

Kick back, relax and look forward to Niu beginnings this Chinese New Year with Hear65's Lunar New Year Spotify playlist.

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