LAYYI reflects on what it means to be human in new single 'Superhuman' — listen

LAYYI reflects on what it means to be human in new single 'Superhuman' — listen

LAYYI is back with new music.

On Friday (17 February), the homegrown singer-songwriter unveiled 'Superhuman', her first single of 2023.

Described as "comforting, heart-wrenching, and sobering", the track from the soloist behind 'lonely' and 'Hey Love' is a reflection on what it means to be human and a reminder that not a single one of us is superhuman. 

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Inspired by a critical thinking class that LAYYI took during her university days, in which she learnt how social media can warp our perceptions of individuals, the track seeks to encourage listeners to get to know the individuals they look up to on a deeper level. 

"We forget that innately we all bleed the same blood no matter our achievements, social status, race, or religion. Everyone is essentially living life the best way we know how with what life has given us," LAYYI shared in a press release. 

"It’s not to say that no one should be inspired or be an inspiration to someone else, but it’s an invitation to get to know what/who exactly we are and the people we look up to. Their persons and their pain above their success and their fame," she continued. 

On the day of the single's release, LAYYI also dropped a music video for it and kickstarted a campaign on social media that aims to shatter the illusion of a "picture-perfect" world that social media has created. Using the hashtag #aintnosuperhuman, users can share the challenges that they are facing in life or things about themselves that they would like to accept.