MYRNE remakes Kit Chan's 'Home' using sounds from a Porsche

MYRNE remakes Kit Chan's 'Home' using sounds from a Porsche

Recreating a classic National Day Song is no small feat, and it takes a special kind of musician to do so using sounds from an automobile. 

To celebrate Singapore's 57th birthday, Singaporean DJ and producer MYRNE has teamed up with Porsche to put a new spin on Kit Chan's 'Home', a song that has become a staple at National Day celebrations since it was first performed at the 1998 National Day Parade.

Brought to life using natural tones and sounds from a Porsche Taycan, such as doors "thudding" shut, seatbelts "winding", and the hum of the vehicle's electric motor, MYRNE's creation is an unprecedented reimagining of a song that holds a very special place in the hearts of Singaporeans.

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The 'Feels Right' hitmaker shared: "National Day songs bring Singaporeans together and are such a unique synthesis of creativity and culture."

"With Porsche, I wanted to take common and unnoticed sounds — like the sounds cars make in everyday operation — and turn them into something special: in this instance, showcasing the beautiful musicality of a Porsche by creating an unexpected listening experience in celebration of our beloved Lion City," he continued.