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Chloe Low

Release Date:2021-09-02
Label:Zheng Jianxing

The song “This willful clock,” at it’s heart is a song about coming to terms with growing older and making the most of the time we have. The listener is taken on a journey from when we are young and impetuous, through growth while searching for life’s purpose and direction, and finally maturity and acceptance of the natural order of life. The sun, the sunset, the night sky, the moon, all these imageries are meant to symbolize the passing of time, and as days, months, years go by, we recognize the changes that come with getting older, both physically and mentally. Physically, we can see the changes in our reflection from year to year, and mentally, we feel ourselves becoming more aware of our limitations and learning to navigate the roadmap of our lives.



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Cobie Chua

What lies behind this catchy and vibrant beat is a wonderfully penned song, which makes the listener reminisce on their life experience while bobbing along to the melodic (tick tock clock) rhythm at the same time. Chloe was able to bring out an emotional vibe while being quirky. It fits at just the right level with her well-controlled and precise vocals. Young adults and millennials will definitely be able to relate to this song when their memories kick in, making them wonder if they have done enough to fulfil their dreams. This is definitely a song you'd have on repeat and I can definitely hear this song playing on the radio soon!

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