chill cafe beats

Brewed fresh to keep you in the beat. Whether that’s work or play, tune in and lose yourself to the freshest and boldest sounds on the 65.

Stephen Zechariah's Essential Tamil Tunes

"I want to change Tamil audiences' perspectives of Indian music worldwide"

Damn Shag Sia

Self-explanatory. Don't worry, we've all been there - let these tunes keep you company while you get back up on your feet.

Songs to Date/Mate to

From date night to post-dessert, this sets the mood for all your romantic ventures with your partner. NSFW, if your imagination is good.

Singapore Indie Alternative

From indie & alternative artists. Sounds like: your morning cuppa at Choice Cuts Goods, if Singapore had our own Topman, or a Substation gig.

R&B in Singapore

The perfect introductory playlist for anyone who wants to get into the localized sounds of R&B in Singapore

Study Playlist

These songs will get you through all that mugging.

Post-Rock Essentials

This playlist will introduce you to the Post-Rock scene in Singapore.

Singapore Chill Downtempo

Arm this set of tunes to slow down the BPM, alongside a good book on the balcony, or sea watching at Yishun dam.

Hear65 Guests: Evanturetime

"These are some local song productions that have excited me as of late. As a producer myself I'm always looking forward to fresh approaches and sounds, and this tiny little island does not disappoint. It's super interesting to see how production and arrangement tendencies and approaches have changed with each generation."

90s Singapore Essentials

Remember when pagers and orange payphones were still a thing? Tangible objects may grow out of date but music will always remain.

Hear65 New Releases

Fresh and groovy tracks from the tropical 65.