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Caracal - Manicenigmatic (Official Music Video)

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Solo artists and BFFs in real life - Yung Raja & Fariz Jabba freestyle rap battle each other!

A live collaboration between the Evanturetime (Evan Low), Linying and Charlie Lim on 'Vultures', a fan favourite off Evanturetime's recent EP Folds, shot in Zendyll Productions.

Singaporean Mandopop and K-pop songwriter Gen Neo performs his 2016 single 'Stop Sugar' live in the Ocean Butterflies Music recording studio.

Dream pop band, SUBSONIC EYE, performs a stripped-down version of 'Cosmic Realignment' outside the former SIA Changi Sports Club

Disco Hue perform 'Plastic Hearts' in the neon-lit Cherry Discotheque

Electronic duo, .gif, showcases their hypnotically haunting track "Diatribe"