What is Hear65?

Hear65 is a national movement to promote Singaporean music and musicians. Working with Bandwagon, the National Arts Council started the initiative to advocate for more recognition for Singaporean music by working with like-minded partners, ranging from corporations and public institutions to homegrown businesses and brands. Our mission is for Singaporeans and the world to discover and embrace Singaporean music.

Hear65.com is an online platform which is a one-stop destination to discover and enjoy great music by Singaporean artists. There will be easy access to a variety of features, including latest releases, videos, and recommended concerts.

Bandwagon is a music media company that focuses on delivering news, entertainment and events happening in Asia. The National Arts Council champions the arts in Singapore, and was established to nurture the arts and make it an integral part of life in Singapore.

How can I contribute to Hear65?

  1. Listen to Singaporean music
  2. Share this site with your friends and family, and engage with us on social media
  3. Sign up to be a hear65 reviewer


I don’t see my album in the Discover section. How can I add my album to Hear65’s database?

For now, due to royalties and clearances, we are only taking albums that are listed on streaming services. If you have a streaming link to your album, do submit it via the Submit page.

If your album is not on a streaming service, and you’d like to have it listed on the site as soon as we can support that, please submit your request to hello@hear65.com with the title "Submit: Album Name".

I am not a Singaporean citizen. Can I still submit my album?

We accept music from anyone who is Singaporean or a Permanent Resident (PR) or has a stake in Singaporean music.


What will I be entitled to if I join Hear65 as a user?

Users will be able to join a community of music lovers who share the same passion and enthusiasm for Singapore’s music scene. Features include being able to review albums and score them, helping both artists and new listeners along the way.

How can I edit my review/score?

You can access all your reviews on your account page.

Other Enquiries

Who can I contact if I have further questions about Hear65?

You may direct all enquiries to hello@hear65.com.

You’ve made a factual error/you’ve left something out. Who can I contact for amendments to site content?

If you have spotted a factual error, you may direct your comments to our team at hello@hear65.com.

Who can I contact in the case of a technical question / website issue?

In the case of a technical issue, you may send your enquiry to hello@hear65.com.