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Sing Lit Station holds world’s first Singaporean literature-themed online disco ‘Sing Lit Sounds’ featuring Fauxe, .gif, and Mantravine


“It really opened my mind up to what concerts in the future may look and feel like”: An interview with ShiGGa Shay

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New Music This Week: Gentle Bones, ShiGGa Shay, Goldusk, Moon Chew, and more

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“Music At Monuments” series to feature local heritage icons and music performances by Derrick Hoh, The Apex Project, MUSA, and Fingerfunk


Charlie Lim - Hear65 Sing Along SG [Full set]

Bandwagon专访: 向洋 | Nathan Hartono talks his new album, improving his Mandarin skills and more

A Conversation With Violin Prodigy Chloe Chua

A Conversation With Guitar Prodigy Alex Hooi

Bandwagon专访: 文慧如 | Boon Hui Lu talks her latest album, Honestly Me, and about love and life



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