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Kaitlyn Lin

Release Date:2020-07-31



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Yousing Ising Wesingtogether

To me, it is not simply about just music but what this song have delivered to listeners in life. The flow of the chorus song is catchy in which it resembles a flashback of our past love with one probably in his early 20s genre. It have triggered to reflect onto the past love choices of one if whether it still stay or change the choice despite time have passed. In a nutshell, as a listener and also an event organiser, this song taught me to reflect on our past love relationships looking back in a mature way now of our views compared to 10 years ago. Perhaps one may say then all songs are also about love, but I would say this is 1 unique piece which would caused triggering to reflect than just a pc of song to listen to. Songs are considered quality one if they can make meaning out of our lives.

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