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守护 (To Protect)

Aaron Matthew Lim

Release Date:2014-09-01
Label:Intune Music

Aaron Matthew Lim (林伟强) A Disciplined Dreamer To protect a dream, one needs discipline. Aaron’s love for music began when he was very young, having had classical piano lessons since he was 6 years old. His love for singing flourished during his university days, when Aaron founded a singing club named ‘NUS Voices’. Being academically inclined, Aaron aced most of his national exams and was a regular name on the Dean’s List in university. With his stellar academic record, Aaron could have accepted a well-paid white-collar job, but he chose the path less taken and embarked on a music career. Aaron knew that the road ahead was not an easy one, and he understood that passion alone was not enough to make it through. This was why Aaron was also extremely disciplined in his pursuit, actively taking up many professional training courses and performances to gain experience and build a repertoire of skills. As a testament to his singing ability, Aaron has collaborated with Cultural Medallion 2012 Winner Dr. Liang Wern Fook as well as Young Composer Award 2013 winner Derrick Tham on their demos submitted to recording companies. Some of the demos Aaron has sung include songs for Sam Lee (李圣杰)(i.e. Zui Jin «最近»,Kao Jin «靠近», Ca Jian Er Guo «擦肩而过», Ming Bai «明白», Bao Qian «抱歉»), Hu Xia (胡夏) (i.e. Dang Chu «当初», Xue Zhe Zou «学着走»), as well as Fish Leong (梁静茹) (i.e. Hui Guo Qu De «会过去的») and Wang Jie (王傑) (i.e. Fen Xin «分心»). In 2007, together with local musician Peng Chi Sheng, Aaron co-founded Intune Music, a local pop music school that specializes in singing courses. Within a few years of establishment, the school attained many awards, including the Top 500 SME Awards in 2012. To achieve perfection, one must embrace one’s flaws. Aaron is a perfectionist when it comes to singing, and he has spent many years working on his vocal technique. However, he is also aware that an overly technical singing voice can sound devoid of emotion, and will not appeal to the listener’s ear. Drawing from his life experience, Aaron finally realises that flaws are part and parcel of humanity, and that perfection can only be achieved by embracing the flaws that one has, and making it part of our character and our voice. Over the past 12 years, the biggest flaw that Aaron has is that he has not yet managed to reach out to a wider audience. This is why he has decided to wait no further, and take that first step out into the limelight. This solo EP album entitled Shou Hu, «守护», is a milestone in his singing career as well as the cumulative efforts of his many music partners and collaborators, many of whom are luminaries in the Mandarin pop music industry. Aaron Matthew Lim (林伟强) 向来都喜欢伟强唱歌的嗓音。他声音里的某种特质﹐令我联想到翻阅诗集时手指在纸张上的触感。希望更多人留意到他对歌曲诚恳的演绎。 ~ 梁文福 爱唱歌﹐如此的纯粹。 爱音乐﹐如此的简单。 纯粹的想用歌声感动人﹐这就是都市优型男林伟强的简单梦想。 梦想 X 纪律 守护梦想,遵守纪律。 对伟强而言,唱歌是一种抒发﹐是一股推动他生命的强大力量。大学修读经济学﹐虽然拥有很亮眼的学业成绩﹐伟强却选择了一条与大家不同的道路﹐走上非主流的音乐道路。守护梦想,除了拥有热忱,更需要遵守纪律。面对重重阻力﹐伟强还是有纪律性的自我进修,从各种游历中累积歌唱经验和实力。 在这期间里﹐伟强不断细心栽培学生﹐而且与本地著名音乐创作人梁文福和潭志华等人合作制作了无数样带(demo)﹐演绎过多位知名歌手的曲目, 例如: 李圣杰的«最近»﹐ «擦肩而过»﹐ «靠近﹐ «明白»﹐ «抱歉»﹐ 胡夏的«当初», «学着走», 梁静茹的«会过去的», 王杰的«分心»。2007年﹐ 伟强与本地音乐人冯启胜设立了Intune音乐学院﹐荣获了2012年杰出中小型企业奖状。 伟强的热诚与努力,深深打动了身边的人。他用实际行动证明给自己﹐梦想不应该只是停留在虚幻空想里。天时地利人和﹐有纪律的梦想也能和现实结合。一个平凡人﹐也能唱出自己的一片音乐天地。 完美 X 瑕疵 追求完美,拥抱瑕疵。 对于自己,伟强总是要求尽善尽美,苦心锻炼一把好声音。但一把完美无缺的歌声,反而少了情感,少了生命。经过一番心情与经验的沉淀,伟强终于了解瑕疵是生命中不可或缺的元素。有瑕疵,才真实;有缺憾,生命才完美。这12年来,伟强在音乐上最大的瑕疵,不是歌唱技巧,而是没能把自己的音乐推广给更多听众。 但与其等待,不如现在。首张个人EP专辑«守护»,凭着一份对音乐的执着与诚意﹐与一群酷爱音乐的好友编织完成了这张专辑。这也是伟强音乐旅程一路走来的里程碑。但愿这个段落也是将来无数可能的起点﹐有请大家拭目以待。



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