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奇市樂團 (Quis)

Release Date:2022-03-11

“HELLO, STRANGE NEW WORLD” is a five-track EP by Singapore Mando-rock band Quis, inspired by “macro” themes experienced by millennials today. Despite the progress made on economic and technological fronts, our present world has become increasingly complex. As a result, our generation is inevitably faced with multifarious challenges – a harsh economy and unyielding pace of life; disengaged society; complicated interpersonal relationships; environmental issues threatening the existence of humankind. The songs in “HELLO, STRANGE NEW WORLD” draw inspiration from these themes and seek to reflect Quis’ growth and maturity from their first album “TRANSITION”. The songs hope to invoke listeners’ thoughts, and inject a fresh perspective to the question, “How do we navigate and overcome these challenges while finding our purpose for existing in this new world?” 《新奇的世界,你好。》是新加坡華語搖滾組合奇市樂團的迷你專輯。專輯中五首曲目談論著現今社會千禧一代所面臨的種種挑戰。 我們這一代面臨著截然不同的挑戰 —— 苛刻的經濟和生活節奏;一個全球化但極其脆弱並脫離的社會;複雜的人際關係;威脅人類的環境問題等。 《新奇的世界,你好。》從奇市樂團從首張專輯《TRANSITION》的主題中汲取靈感也反映了樂團在音樂上的成長。奇市樂團希望通過這次的曲目讓聽眾探討“生活在這世界的我們如何克服種種挑戰,同時從中找尋我們存在於這個新世界的目的?"



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