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Release Date:2020-05-20



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Foo hsien weng
Foo Hsien Weng

Beautiful orchestra arrangement work right from the start before the vocals especially the higher violins which pans the left ear. The harmony from the viola/ violins on the right ear have their own character as well. It really captures the essence of floating in space, among stars, being stuck in a faraway land. Looking at vast landscapes, beyond horizons. This is a very good start. Following that, the acoustic guitar takes over as accompaniment. I really loved the combination of acoustic guitar and vocals at the start till the end of the first chorus. It has a very calming effect to it! Even though the song is 5min long, it doesn't feel draggy at all. When the drums come in at 2.03 onwards, the feeling is very different even though the melody is the same. In my opinion, the drums give it a sense of comfort, maybe because of regular beats. The song doesn't feel as floaty before. Or maybe because the male vocals took the lead this time round at 2.13. Another part which surprised me is 4.35 till the end. Beautiful coda!! The duration of it is just right, unlike some songs which has coda that drags too long. Gentle and dreamy. Yet, uplifting at the same time.