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Oblivion art 3000x3000


10SAI, Evilside, tylo

Release Date:2021-05-07
Label:10SAI, Evilside, tylo

10SAI, Evilside and I(tylo) produced this track featuring our own special production style. Coming from Singapore (10SAI and tylo) and Indonesia (Evilside) respectively, we wanted to showcase the realms and the underground world of electronic music in our respective local scene. Hopefully we can bring more attention to bass music and develop local interest in it! The track fuses inspiration and influences from Trap, Jersey Club and Dubstep, separated distinctively into 3 different choruses, implementing tribal/oriental melodies and elements into the breakdowns and drops! Socials for 10SAI, Evilside and tylo 10SAI Evilside tylo



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Wow! Song gives me goosebumps as I listen to it . Song is dark and unpredictable which makes it great to listen to . really can hear tensai's style of groove and bounce in the track as well