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Release Date:2020-03-03

Alternative-indie outfit of artist, codecaud (known as Codie Loh) releases her debut single “515”, an indie-pop bop with shimmering electronics. Formerly known as lead-singer of Hometown Heroes (SG), selected participant for Project SuperStar 2014 and frequent busker of The Cathay and Wisma Atria, she has awed many audiences with her exuberant voice. codecaud is back with a tune that makes you feel like winding down the windows and let the sun shine through your hair. “515” is a feel-good song about forgetting the self-induced pressure of society and just being yourself is enough.



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Nicolette Zheng

Minusing 20 points for production but yet, I've been hearing Codie busk along Orchard Road for a year. i've always looked forward to seeing her around on the streets, i'm just so happy to finally see her first production being placed up on Spotify! Can't wait for the next one.