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ashes in the wind


Release Date:2024-01-10
Label:Cross Ratio Entertainment

Looking back, where did all the time go? Take a wistful stroll down memory lane with Yongkytown's upcoming pop track 'ashes in the wind', and fondly reminisce the good ol' days of our childhood and youth. The song encapsulates the fleeting nature of life and urges the listener to seize the present, before it inevitably passes, while cherishing the ones who've supported them through it all. With each release, Yongkytown aims to paint a lyrically-driven canvas of relatable, everyday stories, intended to connect and captivate. Mentored by folk/pop extraordinaire lewloh, ashes in the wind will be promoted with a multichannel strategy - with live shows, video features on Instagram and TikTok, and PR features on regional sites.



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