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Release Date:2022-10-07

Satire is the first song from ROTB's upcoming debut EP, "$ellout". As an introduction to their EP, the single showcases the spontaneity and boldness of the members as a unit. Satire embodies the playfulness that ROTB brings to the table of Singaporean hip-hop. The entire song pokes fun at the stereotype of rap artists and the notion that all rappers have to be aggressive and put up a fierce front. For Satire, the simplistic and superficial lyrics play on common tropes found in hip-hop such as "being the GOAT" and living in excess. In this single, ROTB water to inject their own brand of fun, showing their listeners the reason they make music. Through Satire. ROTB urge audiences to laugh at themselves once in a while and learn to take a joke. To drive home the message, Satire starts with a sample from local comedian, Fakkah Fuzz's comedy set which in turn became their inspiration for the hook. Produced by prodbydan, Satire's groove was influenced by the sounds of Memphis phonk. As this was the first song made after ROTB's year long break, both parties felt the best way to kick things off would be with a high energy anthem that was irresistibly catchy.



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