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Leap of Faith

Axel Brizzy, bittymacbeth

Release Date:2020-06-05



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Valerie Yuam

With 'Leap of Faith', Axel Brizzy gives listeners an honest perspective into his choice to make music his full-time career. It is a track that is equally introspective as it is hopeful – the self-awareness of where he stands within the music industry plays nicely with his humble dream of one day being able to support his family with the money he makes from rapping. Lyrics such as "I told my whole fam I’ll be taking it far / Drive a Rover with my kids at the back of the car / And provide for mom and pops, no retirement home / With the ones that got my back, never dying alone it’s real" reinforce the message that Axel is not doing it for the fame and fortune; he only wishes that whatever he makes from doing something he loves is enough to support those closest to him. On top of that, the serene vocals of R&B singer-songwriter bittymacbeth brings home the chorus' motivational message. "Every shot I'mma take it / Every miss brings me closer to when I finally make it" encourages listeners to take every step in stride, regardless if they fly or fall – because one never knows if they will achieve their goals until they try and "take a leap of faith". This is also Axel's first official release that he produced, mixed and mastered on his own. 'Leap of Faith' blends Hip-Hop with Jazz elements as shown by the Saxophone and chords used, while bittymacbeth's vocals bring a touch of Gospel and Soul to it as well. It is quite telling that Axel did not use anything too fancy in his approach to the track – most of the plugins are common ones used in songs similar to this. This brings listeners back to the fact that he is starting from the ground up and going back to basics – a microphone and a laptop in his bedroom. It shows that despite not having expensive plugins and going into established studios, it is still possible to make good music with basic equipment and common software. As is the case with many new producers and engineers, Axel can definitely sharpen his skills more and further develop on his signature sound – but it would be hard to deny that 'Leap of Faith' is an impressive first venture.