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Release Date:2019-08-23

Fresh from the Noise 2018 Music Mentorship Program, the female-fronted math rock band ‘cues’ will be debuting their new single ‘butttxt’ at Baybeats 2019 this year. In the tradition of all things quirky and math rock, cues weaves a rich guitar harmonies for the listener, and butttxt follows a lazy Saturday morning in Salaryman Tanaka-san’s life: Tanaka was glad to have a much-needed weekend break from a crazy work week. Just as he was kicking back in his chair, ready to enjoy a nice cup of matcha, he received a text from his coworker. He has to head to work but he FORGOT! He's late and frantic, he grabs his phone and puts it in his back pocket and ran out of the house - resulting in a flurry of nonsensical text messages activated by his butt. Butt in all seriousness, butttxt was inspired by other math/instrumental bands whose names look like they have been butt-texted.



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