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Guess We're Good


Release Date:2021-01-08
Label:Octavate Records

We usually decide how it starts but don’t always get to choose how it ends. This is a song about being good with the ending we are dealt. CIRCO (formerly killedbythecircus) is the stage name of Jay Yeo. Back from a hiatus with new music, a new name, and the same old non-conforming and emotion-laden nature, CIRCO is set to put into song in 2021 the innate sound and persona he’s come to embrace.



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First! Hosei liao 😂 It’s good music but i like “believe” more. Honest.

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Loh Renelle

After two and a half minutes of bouncy and radiant electronic beats, we are thrown back into the era of 2010s, echoing the music style of Justin Timberlake and The Chainsmokers, which perfectly fits the EDM genre, and giving way to layers of synth chords. It's a song perfectly engineered to dance to at a music festival. The gradual buildup to the chorus preceded by the beat drop leading to smooth-listening vocals, really gives one the chills. This song touches on the concept of heartbreak and perfectly encapsulates what it's like to receive the short end of the stick, but later dwells on recovery and acceptance.