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Farisimo (feat. bojio)

Release Date:2019-08-16
Label:Springroll Records

Electronic music producer, Farisimo, returns with a new single, ‘Emptiness’ on 16 August 2019, featuring long-time friend and collaborator, bojio. The song examines the emotions the artist experienced after moving away and realising he was alone in this new place when the person that mattered most left as well. The electro track combines alternative hip-hop style vocals with synth parts resembling classic Deadmau5 tracks. At the same time, Farisimo combines elements of Future Bass with a hard-hitting beat to complement the emotional vocal part. The verse, performed by bojio, represents the downward spiral that the artist went through during this period of difficulty. In contrast, the hook in the chorus, ‘Don’t look down’ serves as a reminder that it’s important to keep our heads up in spite of the obstacles that life throws at us, and to look toward the horizons where things are brighter. Farisimo (Faris Bowe) first started producing in 2013 when a class in school sparked his interest in music technology. His early influences were Daft Punk and Deadmau5, and recently he has been inspired by artists like Rezz, Moderat and FKJ. This new single marks the second official release featuring childhood friend and singer, bojio.



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