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Release Date:2020-05-08
Label:Octavate Studios

"closer" was written from turbulent times amidst an abusive and destructive relationship, when it seemed like there wasn't a light at the end of the tunnel. It begins with haunting memories which creep up when one least expects them to, causing conflicting emotions of abandonment and betrayal till it reaches a point of confrontation, and finally, the resolution to leave. This song is written for the survivors, to remind them that it takes courage to take on step forward, and they are never alone.



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Shaun Hue Yong Shan

"closer" manages to strike deep with its heartfelt lyrics and powerful arrangement. The story of fear, abandonment, obligation and entrapment are relatable themes that many can sympathise with, and as the song describes the consuming internal struggle that the victim in an abused relationship undergoes, the hushed whispers that play in the background serve to exemplify the inner conflict that one experiences when trapped in this situation. All in all, a extremely powerful and emotionally stirring song.