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Everything Under The Sun

Joshua Chiang

Release Date:2022-04-21
Label:Cerealbox Records

This solo debut album is the culmination of years of songwriting which began when Joshua was in his late twenties, and documents the transition of the songwriter from young adulthood to middle age. As encapsulated in the tongue-in-cheek opener and first single, I Wanna (Spend All My Time In the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame), the album is an unapologetic love letter to the music that has inspired Joshua. There’s new-wave-influenced Into My Soul, Motownesque Love Has Its Own Mind, folk-rock-ish What Do You Say, and the Brit-pop-sounding A Friend For The End Of The World whose demo version was voted into the Number Three spot in Cambodia’s's Top 100 Songs of All Time 2021. Everything Under The Sun is mostly recorded in Joshua’s home studio and features the singer/songwriter performing most of the live instruments on the album. Additional guitars are provided by ZyctDan and Jared Ferrie. Prolific Singaporean trumpet player Christopher Yong Lin further contributes to three tracks on the album.



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