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Evolution Quartet

Release Date:2020-09-02



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Look Ru Shin

Evolution Quartet, Singapore’s very own jazz quartet comprising leader and pianist Cheryl Ann Spencer, Tamagoh on drums, Rit Xu on flute and Fabian Lee on double bass have released their maiden album, Reflections. Alex Sipiagin is featured on trumpet. Beginning with the title track Reflections and with a total of seven tracks, Reflections is that jazz album that you’d want to immediately add to your Apple Music Library or Spotify. It’s easy listening, authentic and totally approachable with gorgeous tunes and infectious beats. Every track exhibits a personal touch and has its own story to tell. With lush melodies and some really serious chord progressions, apparent on tracks like Magic Carpet, Evolution Quartet takes you away from humdrum daily life, and onto a thoroughly enjoyable journey into the freedom and abandon of the world of jazz. Fun, playful and whimsical tracks such as Shoe Shopping and My Favourite Things, where I found myself unconsciously bopping along to infectious beats and tunes were particularly uplifting, especially after a long day of endless emails and errands. Alex Sipiagin on trumpet and flautist Rit Xu truly shine throughout their solos, dancing their way across every piece, showcasing the versatility of both instruments in an unexpected jazz setting. I saw jazz in an entirely new light - where unconventional musical instruments can also play a starring role. My Papa, which stood out as a particularly personal track, was heartfelt with its quiet, soulful but powerfully moving chords. The sensitive and expressive piano solo bears testimony to the depth and love ensconced in this piece, which was written and performed in loving memory of the pianist’s father. All round a thoroughly enjoyable album, perfect for these challenging and tumultuous times where the world seems to have gone mad and we are all struggling to find our new normal. Reflections comes at just the right time, becoming a much-needed balm to soothe our souls from our personal aches and pains as we keep calm and carry on.

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Great album, Easy listening, uplifting and magical. "Shoe Shopping" is my favourite track because it is light, upbeat and has great riff references from "Samba de Verão".