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Release Date:2020-05-08



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Abdul Mubaraq

Seriously dont know where to start, but here i go! Firstly, the song was so so catchy! Really got my attention the first time i heard the teaser. Ever since, i set an alarm on the 8th of May 2020 just so i can get the full song. Secondly, the idea of re-interpretation of bella ciao was mind-blowing. For an average person, it would look impossible but hats off to shabir and his team for this wonderful re-interpretation. Thirdly, lets just talk about the music first. The music itself gives a whole boost! Once heard, it can never get out of my mind. Really awesome job for the music producer, buvan! Your music really defines the term "music to my ears"! Fourthly, now lets go into the lyrics. Now, when a person listens to a song, there is a few factors to be considered before loving it. Music, Meaning and voice. Well i have cleared the music part by buvan. Now the meaning is as awesome as the music. Lets just start with the first line, "we are not afraid of you", "we will rise". Now if someone is having a bad day, or say that they have been looked down on or having a ver hard time. The lyrics of this song goes out to them. Its basically telling them that "We Will Rise", "Ezhuvom, Ezuvom, Naame". Shabir, you did an awesome job with the lyrics! I can actually feel your heart and passion for music through your lyrics! Awesome job! Lastly, i would like to end this review by saying, Ezhuvom have spread nothing but a drive to keep moving forward and rise. Loved this song and its my ringtone now! Hats off to Shabir and team! Wonderful work guys! Looking forward to more songs from you guys!

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Prisca Michael

Ezhuvom had created a really great impact on me . His lyrics were very inspirational and motivational . Especially to the frontline workers and people like me who are being separated from their family especially their closed ones their mom and sibilings. I was really quite down and upset cause of the current situation but after hearing shabir Anna new released song ezhuvom , I felt like we can go through this together . I couldn't celebrate mother's Day with my mom too but the first thing I heard in the morning was ezhuvom being played in my ears , telling me that is okay we can do this . The lyrics were just so powerful that it could change someone's mood and their thoughts about the lockdown . It really had a great music and especially with shabir Anna voice I'm lost for words to tell how amazing the song is. Can't wait for more songs by the legend . All the best and many more success to meet . 🤩

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Ezhuvom is truly a treat for the soul. It really shows how creative and innovative the lyrisict, Shabir has managed to cook up a folk song using the tune of a popular song Bella Ciao.The beat is really addictive too.My wishes to the music producer Buvan and most importantly Shabir! Looking forward for more!