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Foo Hsien Weng, Foo Hsien Li

Release Date:2021-05-18
Label:Foo Hsien Weng

This song is dedicated to my grandmother who is a huge inspiration & support in my life. If you listen closely, you can hear the train sounds scattered all over the single as well! I added it because it reminds my granny and I of the good old days where we would take the 9hours train from Ipoh to Singapore in hopes of a better education, life and future. Moreover, I wrote this song also to remind myself to spend more time with the people I love instead of being caught up with the hustles of life- trying to earn money, trying to excel in school, CCA etc. There’s no end to all these things. Ultimately, it is one’s family who will see one through life- the good & the bad. I have blended classical piano, rap and traditional Chinese instruments to try to create a new genre called 黑暗中国风 in this song. It is to connect both the older generation and also the younger generation. I hope to make more songs which come from the heart, defy genres & break rules!



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Zong Qing

What I enjoy most about this song is the memorable piano hook that was combined with rap and beats. It gives off a very chill vibe when Hsien Weng starts rapping. Moreover, I reckon that the message of filial piety is quite deep, but the song explores those themes in a very casual way. Additionally, it is something different from the conventional Mandopop ballad style which sounds very mainstream these days. Lastly, the combination of guzheng and erhu blends really well with the chorus. I must add, being a Chinese myself, the addition of Chinese elements really connects me with my roots. I feel that this is very relevant, especially since the song was dedicated to his granny.

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Liew Shaun Kheng

Hsien Weng 2nd single is different compared to his 1st single. His latest single takes a more mellow turn. What I enjoy most is that the duet between both the male and female vocals. Moreover, the insertion of a bridge before the 2nd chorus makes it really refreshing! I like the bridge the most because both of the voices are doing their own parts and it just feels really unique to me. I feel that this song has a darker vibe to it. Moreover, I like how the beat changes from 4/4 to 6/8 at the end of the song. This is something totally unexpected for me. However, judging from how Hsien Weng (in his spotify bio) has said that he wants to break mandopop conventions, this may be one of the styles. Overall, I enjoy it very much and I look forward to more singles to come!

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Amanda See

空中星星 is unapologetic, meaningful and sincere. I like how the song infuses the teachings of his grandma into the rap. Furthermore, the lyrics of the chorus act like a dialogue between the grandson and the grandmother where both of them understands how the other feels despite the generation gap. This was made even more prominent when the rap blended with the chorus. The vocals in the chorus with the harmonies are also really soothing. While the piano beats sound a little melancholic, the lyrics are incredibly uplifting because it serves a strong message of not partaking in society's rat race - that no matter where you go or which stage of life you are at, you have to live life at your OWN pace and seize the day! :) The artiste's arrangement is extremelyyyy refreshing and I can't wait to hear more!!!