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Lu Mellow

Release Date:2021-01-29

"And every other weekend taking plan b, messing with her mood coz she doesn’t want a baby” -Lu Mellow (in his latest release FOR THE MONEY) Lu mellow (pronounced loo mel-low) is a 20 year old independent artist who crafts songs based off situations that happen in the lives of himself and the people around him. Lu speaks openly about broken adolescences, and in an upcoming album he plans to drop later in the year, the project hangs on the themes of self identity, addiction and mental health. During his teenage years, Lu started writing songs as a form of therapy through introspective lyricism, which soon turned into an outlet to talk about his own, and his friends experiences growing up as troubled youth. He aims to touch the lives of people going through something similar, as well as write and release music that forces listeners to think deeper than the surface. Previously releasing music under a different name, Lu Mellow has been song writing for the last 3 years. And with an upcoming album on the way, he is now ready to showcase his artistic direction with what he has in stall for 2021. In his latest release, FOR THE MONEY, Lu Mellow speaks about a girl, involved as a sugar baby in order to survive, make money and get out of circumstances she was born into. She is a friend of Lu, who gives his perspective on her situation, expressing his understanding, but at the same time hoping his friend makes it out of her predicament. Lu’s laid back vocals, along with a therapeutic instrumental conveys the feeling of sorrow he knows many can relate deeply to. Some of Lu’s influences include Mac Miller, Frank Ocean and J Cole.



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