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hatin' on ok

Jean Tan

Release Date:2023-02-03

Ringing in the new year with a fresh perspective, Singaporean Singer-songwriter Jean Tan releases a bop of a single ‘hatin’ on ok’, the second in a string of singles leading up to a summer 2023 EP release. Available on 3 February 2023 on all major digital streaming platforms via Believe Music and LEEWAY, the track is co-written with acclaimed artiste Linying and renown producer Josh Wei, who has produced for numerous artistes including Gentle Bones, Rachel Platten, and K-pop artiste CL. Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and the limbo state that it has thrown the world into, ‘hatin’ on ok’ talks about the rarely-addressed disappointments one experiences after emerging from a tumultuous season. What do we do when our initial hopes and aspirations quickly fade and we realise things are just like they were before—vanilla, middling, just okay? How do we face the same hurdles with renewed strength, especially when the days ahead seem to be filled with mediocrity and mundanity? “Been here before Felt every emotion From raising the bar Getting disappointed” Despite the initial disenchantment, Jean is quick to answer her song’s questions with another—is there anything wrong with vanilla? Perhaps we could benefit from learning to be satisfied with just okay, to find joy in the day-to-day, and taste a hint of sweetness in the ordinariness of life. “I’ll try, anything I can Just to remind myself That not good’s not so bad…” Accompanying the simple yet profound lyrical sentiments is the befitting musical arrangement. The fusion of slick R&B bass grooves, catchy vocal runs, and feel good, summer pop vibes make it a hopeful shrug of a song. Brought to life by Jean’s signature, buttery-smooth vocals, ‘Hatin’ on ok reminds us that the key to happiness doesn’t necessarily lie in greener pastures, but in simply learning to be content. ‘hatin’ on ok’ is the second single from Jean’s upcoming EP, slated for launch in mid-2023, with more single releases to drop in the next few months.



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