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The Fire Fight

Release Date:2009-10-12



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Marcus 1 1940
Marcus Lee

One of my favourite local albums to date. I was heavily inspired by The Fire Fight in my formative years playing in a band and we took cue from the dynamic play that bands like The Fire Fight showcased. Loved the upbeat and groovy tracks like "Dreamer" and "Fires At Night" that gets me head banging every time. The band also showcases versatility in slower and more contemplative tunes like "Portrait Lover", "People And Spaces", and opening track "Sonnet". Another track worth mentioning is "Landscape Of The Beginning" which features a driving U2-inspired groove paired with vocal lines that scream with a thoughtful outcry. And of course who can forget their famous intro "The City" and "When Spring Comes Home" during their live shows, as well as "Train Song". I would say that I much prefer the live versions, but with this recording I'm able to relive those moments by simply pressing play. Thank you, The Fire Fight, for the music.