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Hey Cher

Matthew Quek (Matt-Q)

Release Date:2023-08-25
Label:True Grace Alone Productions

"Hey Cher" by Matt-Q A) You tube: B) Facebook: C) Instagram: D) TikTok: Dear friends I composed and sang this song "Cher", as a tribute to all Educators for Singapore Teachers' Day 2023! Being an Educator is so much more than just about helping students study and score well. In fact, we are called to play integral roles in being their guardians, friends, confidantes and mentors while juggling commitments in teaching, committee work, Co Curricular and so many other activities. I myself, who initially swore off being a teacher due to bad experiences in school due to my undiagnosed invisible Special Educational Needs (SEN), decided to fulfil the call to be an Educator when two teachers later changed my outlook towards teaching by showing me empathy, kindness and understanding. It just takes that one or two trusted individuals who care enough to encourage and journey through life with you that makes all the difference. And that special someone could be a 'Cher'. :) Happy Teachers' Day 2023! P.S: Thank you, United Records for your impeccable direction and production of this Music Video Sincere thanks to sponsors Allure, Flujo, Archangel and Cabelony for their unstinting support for this meaningful project Warmest regards, Matthew #teachersday #matthewqueksingapore #truelove #teachers #educator #education #mentor



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