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I Found My Heart (Hoopla)

Danger Noodle, Trevor Wong

Release Date:2020-10-29

"I found my heart (Hoopla)" was co-written with Trevor Wong, Marc Koh and Brandon Lim. It explores the struggle for maintaining passions that don't always fit common expectations.



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Lee Wen Xin

A jam to dance to in the shower, a jam to rock to on the bus, a jam to sleep to when your brain's being noisy and a jam to listen to whenever you need a jam!!!!

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Daniel Tow

In an era of minimalistic pop and trap music, 'I Found My Heart' is a refreshing reminder of the pop-punk wave nostalgic of the 2000s. The challenge of writing songs in this vein is finding the balance between writing it in a way that expresses how you feel, but also making it catchy enough for listeners to get it stuck in their heads so that they'll revisit it. From the gang vocals in the bridge, to the way tiny is pronounced in the chorus, 'I Found My Heart' has hooks that are destined for radio crossover. The chorus is massive and immediately infectious. Close your eyes and you'll be transported into a club filled with drunk adults reliving their teenage years, drinks in hand, screaming along at emo night. Really strong debut for Danger Noodle, looking forward to hearing what they come up with next.

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Wen Jie KeeSiao

Addictive track that has the potential to be an anime opening song! I can't stop listening to it!