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Hezelith 梁美琪

Release Date:2020-09-18



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IV is the latest song by Hezelith, and her venture into latin-EDM-influenced mandarin pop music. Aptly named, the music of IV penetrates deeply, its rhythmic groove; infectious, melody; irresistible, and lyrics; just as bold and intrusive. “不请自来, 敲碎你所有防备” The song begins somewhat cautiously but quickly transitions into a striking multi-layered web of sounds, difficult to break free from. This is lyrically paralleled with the lines “捣乱思绪的诱惑, 形影不离” The music intensifies in the pre-chorus just as you expect it to, grounded by warring taiko drums, a persistent “four on the floor”, and unrelenting synth chords. We're at fever pitch as the arrangement takes us characteristically into a semi-instrumental, mallet-led, dance-worthy chorus, that unapologetically milks every bit of that harmonic minor scale. Why shouldn't it? Because now you're in a sweaty-body-filled club (in a non-COVIDian universe) and you're making eyes at a stranger thinking "YoU kNoW wHaT yOu CaN dO tO mE". Finally, Hezelith's energetic vocal performance paired with her flare for intricate poetic lyricism, truly ties all the musical pieces together spectacularly into a multi-dimensional masterpiece. How many times will I listen to this song? Yes.

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Tom Lanigan

Terrifically intense dance track with a deep latin groove, and a moody smoochy undercurrent. Really really love this one !