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In New Light

Naked Andrea Project

Release Date:2020-05-15

"In New Light" was recorded in a live studio session amidst the pandemic, right before everything started shutting down. Yet life didn't stop and we simply had to move forward into the unknown with new ideas, new ventures and new perspectives. - Change has been a constant. While we all adapt as best as we can, it helps to see things in a new light. With each bleak report came dozens of stories featuring kindness, compassion and strength as a community. - I hope this release will help some of you out there as we tide through together! credits releases May 15, 2020 Music by: Cui Yihao, Xavier Lim, Greg Lyons Trumpet: Cui Yihao Saxophone: Greg Lyons Trombone: Erwin Tan Flute: Mark Yeo Piano: Xavier Lim Bass: Eugene Chew Drums: Anson Koh Mixing engineer: Raf Soundwalker Mastering engineer: Joe Carra



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This album pitches at an international standard and makes me proud that we have this level of skill and talent to represent Jazz in/from Singapore. Each track has a distinct sound that heightens your senses while relaxing your soul but it all melds together well enough that you're left craving for more of this twenty-five minute treat.