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least of u


Release Date:2022-04-15
Label:Thulium Records

least of u is about an unequal relationship where someone feels like they’re giving the best of themselves to their partner, but receiving significantly less in return. It’s written from a post break up perspective, where little reflection has taken place and a lot of their thoughts are still very convoluted. There is some level of painful recognition there that even though they still love their partner, they’re in pain because of them and despite many chances being given to try and fix the relationship, nothing gets better. They’ve tried to fix it too many times, there have been a significant number of push and pulls, extreme highs and lows in the relationship, all of which leave this person feeling extremely heartbroken about being hurt in this particular way. Although they know there’s nothing to save, because the relationship had slowly deteriorated over time, they continue perpetuating this unhealthy cycle. It becomes a toxic thing where it’s like, “I’d rather you hurt me, because that way I know you’re still around, than you be completely absent from my life,” which I feel like is really relatable to a lot of relationships that I’ve seen or personally experienced myself. But obviously, there’s still a break up initiated by the person who was on the receiving end of all this pain. Despite making the decision to pull the plug, they’re left wondering if their ex feels the same pain as them in this separation.



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