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LoveU Goodbye

Jae Li 李天赐

Release Date:2021-11-12
Label:GCX Pte Ltd

《LoveU Goodbye》brings in Jae Li’s deeply emotional sound that vividly paints this sad love song with affection and sincerity. With the challenges of a long-distance relationship at the center of the narrative, Jae’s story of a love falling apart bit by bit is delivered lovingly in every part of the song. The piano is the main point of the heartbreaking melody as it ebbs and flows throughout the story that will bring you tears. “I love you but I’m sorry” is the main message of《LoveU Goodbye》 in a generation that believes that love will pull them through except when the gravity of reality weighs in. It’s about love and expectation, but also about feeling helpless and the vulnerability one feels in these types of relationships. It is a painful memory of love but it is also the same love we feel that reminds us that we must let go if we truly care for one another.



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