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Loving You


Release Date:2019-07-28
Label:Jimmusic 吉米音樂

RayE is co-founded in February 2007 by present band leader/bassist, Jo, and lead guitarist, John. Influenced by the uprise of Chinese rock bands in the region then, RayE quickly identified its niche and set forth to supplement the Singapore indie music scene which is predominantly swamped by English rock and metal bands. Drawing inspiration from rock icons like Beyond, X Japan, Mayday, Shin and Porcupine Tree, RayE puts together a sound that resonates with the soul of individuals. While the band enjoys covering mainstream Chinese pop/rock onstage every once a while, hidden in their stash are heart-pounding, fist pumping originals tunes that are sure to get you stomping along. Loving You 是描述男女之间单纯的爱情。 是写当男生喜欢女生时,和心里想表达跟想对女生说的话语。



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Jimmy Lee

One of the very best Singapore's very own Chinese Rock band in 2019!