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Me, Myself and I

Danish, Xavier Lim

Release Date:2020-01-17
Label:Danish & Xavier Lim

I've always struggled with loving myself and looking at the brighter side of life. I kind of just decided one day that I was tired of being sad and looking at myself in a negative light. It is a difficult journey and I'm still working on it but writing this song helped me move closer to my 'self-love goal' that I'm aiming for. My friend, Xavier Lim, really liked the song and he worked on it with me, changing the lyrics, producing, arranging and mixing it. I worked with my sister, Batrisyia, to create the artwork for the song because I wanted to feature her talent. So this is what the three of us created and we thought we should share this song with others to remind them that they are worth way more than they think they are.



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