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Middle Road Reverie (Monotone Melancholy)

Violet Fanfare

Release Date:2020-08-21

a song about wearing black clothing all the time and being sad



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Ong Qian Wei

A song written, composed and produced by an old friend of mine. It’s a song I would listen to after a long day at school. The melody soothes and calms my nerves as I reflect on its warm acoustics. The song’s opening background depicts the outdoors, at the bus stop, describing one’s journey to his daily routines and then ending it by another bus trip home. I resonate to this deeply for a student like me who commutes daily. And the lyrics “but I still felt like I was missing the beat” strongly evokes my inner thoughts. It reminds me of how everyday I’m living a rather monotonous and normal lifestyle but yet lacks the element of appreciation and joy in bustling Singapore, even as we moved into the new normal as Covid-19 hits us, we just got through day by day just like that. Beautifully written song. When I’m weary I would find motivation in this song to go on with conviction. I believe many others would too!