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Morning Dance


Release Date:2020-08-21



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Shaneeta Bora Karapan

Morning dance is yet another addictive hit from YAØ. In line with the style in which we have come to love and associate with YAØ, this latest release is a simple and catchy track that exudes positivity. The hook of the chorus is a definitely ear-worm which you will find yourself humming through out the day. In each part of the song, the music provides something new for listeners to discover in its layers. The track then transitions into something unexpected in the bridge with a totally different sound from the rest of the song. The skilfully crafted harmonies support the main vocals beautifully as it builds up to a belt. A refreshing and distinctive sound that stands out in the Singapore music scene. This song truly is the perfect jam to listen to first thing in the morning if you are in need of a pick-me-up (I’ve set it as my alarm ring tone).

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Miza Nur Sabrina

Whenever YAØ is about to release something, I always tell myself to prepare my heart and ears because you know it's gonna blow your mind. His catchy toplines and amazing production work never fails to impress everyone. NEVER. All this greatness coming from an amazing, super humble, a rising local artist who deserves to be amongst the big names in Singapore's charts today. 'Morning Dance' is that refreshing cold drink you get after a long work week. After facing problems and problems, barely getting any sleep or rest, YAØ walks up to you and offers you this ice-cold lemonade he just made. It doesn't just make you forget whatever's stressing you out and make you feel good, but it also gives you a whole new kind of determination and power to face work again next week. Once again, I'm impressed with his vocal work especially the harmonies in the bridge. It takes you away from the entire song but at the same time, you're still in it. If there's one thing I want to hear YAØ make, it would be a whole track produced just with his vocals. You can easily hear how much details and thought he put down into this track. The dedication is always there when he releases something. Be right back- I'll be 'morning dancing' to this while waiting for his next one.