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Oak Cherry Wine

Jean Tan

Release Date:2020-07-24



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Bernice Ong

Jean has taken me into a quaint romantic province in the south of France yet again with the release of her single, “Oak Cherry Wine”. I fell in love with the sweetness of her vocal tone in this track, and then the simplicity and strength of the lyrics of this ode to a lover. Not to mention, the guitars and organ in this song that give the song such a beautiful matrimonial mood. The chorus of “Oak Cherry Wine” speaks of a love so aware and a love that is so head-over-heels. It makes for the moment where I’d grab my broom to dance with it while I do house chores to this romantic goodness. I’d liken this song to watching a flower bloom. The way love grows with the musical notions in “Oak Cherry Wine” is absolutely beautiful and I really hope you guys give it a listen.