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Reverse This or Cancel

Cinnamon Persimmon

Release Date:2019-08-02

Reverse This or Cancel is a singer’s monologue unfolding before the velvet curtains of a B-rated club: heard, looked at, but not listened to. This is Cinnamon Persimmon's first ever single and also the first song they sat down to write together. Vocalist Laura began writing the lyrics out of frustration of going unheard during practice sessions due to a subpar PA system. It morphed to articulate the internalisation of the visual demands of being a woman subject to the male gaze. With the loving support of her long-time bandmates, she bought a new mic and continued to draw from the tension of fleeting beauty as the basis of appeal. Not all rebellions carry decibels. The instruments carry a modally bipolar progression throughout the verses and choruses. This gives way to a seductively sinister riff that is so full of chromaticism that it seems almost accidental. The song culminates in a roaring reprise which almost makes you forget how the song begins.



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