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Right For Me

Ken Loh, Brodie Baldwin

Release Date:2021-08-27
Label:Ken Loh & Brodie Baldwin



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josh k

This song is like Jeremy Zucker meets Lana Del Ray. Their voices blended together so nicely, filled with warm and sweet tones. The lyricism is metaphoric and filled with reminiscence. The soft acoustic guitar keeps a simple driven direction, whilst the electric guitar plays beautiful harmonies with a gorgeous reverb. Not to forget the military-esque drums that adds to the dramatic aspect of the song. This is definitely a track I could see in a film; it's hard hitting and overflowing with emotion and perspective. This track is nostalgic, dreamy, and beautifully crafted.

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Em Hamilton

Bolstered by balanced harmonies and artful blending of the vocal lines, "Right For Me" sounds as it reads; a poignant yearning for something just out of reach that seems so right. The lyrics chronicle evocative fragments of time-tattered romance, weaving together a compelling narrative of a fickle love burdened by circumstance. An on-the-pulse sound with a gratifying softness, this song truly is the soulful coalescence of two rising talents and I personally cannot wait to see what is to come from Ken Loh and Brodie Baldwin.