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Samantha Gray

Release Date:2017-02-11
Label:Samantha Gray

It is called "Home” because it was inspired by my experience studying Music abroad where I miss my family and friends all the time. It is a soft-ballad which has a dramatic turn but captures a calm and collected feel at the end. I hope this song comforts those who are homesick, to remind them that they are never truly alone and that “Home” is always just a phone call, a message or even – at least for me – a song away.



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A tour de force of vulnerability, poise and absolutely dignity in expressing one's yearning of feeling at home, wherever or whatever that may be. It is an awesome listen that goes beyond just words to describe...

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Home has a catchy yet meaningful melody that instills in the listener a longing for a place that they find comforting and familiar. The build in the middle keeps you on your toes while the soft ending wraps you in an auditory It's very clear that Samantha Gray poured her heart and soul into this piece.

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Home surfaces feelings of family and familiarity with it's repetitive melody and gentle pace. It makes me long for places and memories that have left me long ago. Samantha tells a beautiful story through this song without even using a single word. Simply stunning!

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Ace Vitangcol

Samantha Gray really captures that sense of longing for familiar company with Home. It's not completely sad, but more of a hopeful "see you soon." It starts off with a bit of melancholy, of longing, then awakens to a more upbeat tune, befitting a pleasant Sunday morning in the presence of loved ones. Then it moves to a more frantic pace, as if a spider had popped up in the kitchen and everyone goes into a panic, before settling down again. With a little over a minute left, Samantha shifts to a beautiful melody (my favorite part of the composition) which lends a dreamlike feel. A very pleasant composition.