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Release Date:2021-12-17

SELF ISOLATION is a manifestation of the trials and tribulations he has faced throughout his long career. Many changes were made to get to where he is now. His listeners mostly look forward to how he would approach Boom Bap but in SELF ISOLATION, he surprises his listeners with a Binaural song called Maryjane. Aside from the lyrics and a catchy hook, the song is made to give an experience from start to finish from the panoramic soundscape to a cathartic ending. Inspired by "Hey Ya" by Outkast, this song is different for everyone. With 2 meanings and an execution contradicting the content, he leaves the listeners on edge to wonder what exactly Maryjane is about. Once they are fully submerged in Maryjane, San takes them dwindling down to a road of truth and hardship with look4hope. Written in Greendoor with ProdByDan producing the track, he exhaled his deepest worries and thoughts in this track in hopes to settle down for himself. Tough days made him a resilient artist and he has imprinted his message in the song and hope that it conveys word for word to the listener. Maryjane and look4hope gave San the next few steps for his career to reach greater heights. A bright future awaits the Artist in the years to come.



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