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Kevlah, Emilia Ali

Release Date:2019-11-08



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Ryan Martin

"Special" is only Kevlah's second single, but delivers on the producer's promise of creating a unique take on dance music that consists of "percussive grooves", "heartwarming vocals" and "melodic elements" (as specified on his Spotify bio). The production is lush and thoroughly engaging, featuring a round and deep bass. The sparse verses are deliberately so, a sign of thoughtful orchestration by Kevlah. The minimalism of the verses reel in the listener and set the stage for the layers of little flourishes that appear in the chorus. Lyrically, 'Special'' follows the longing of a female persona, brought to life by the delicate pipes and earnest temperament of one Emilia Ali, for a partner who appears to be emotionally distant as a consequence of his insecurities. Ultimately, the juxtaposition of the intimate lyrics and vocal stylings provided by Emilia with the moody-yet-energetic musical edifice of Kevlah communicates an atmosphere of hope, that through honesty and open communication two people might shed their inadequacies and find wholeness as one.