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Sushi Bar

Fioren, Mike Beating, Weeddiz, Shiraku 紫楽, Xxjaswani, flixrao, Syed Princy, vimef

Release Date:2022-06-03
Label:Kanimayo Lofi

"Sushi Bar" is a 7 song lofi chillhop album by artists, "Fioren", "Mike Beating", "Weeddiz", "Shiraku", "Xxjaswani", "flixrao", "Syed Princy", "vimef"! This album is released by Kanimayo Lofi, an independent music record label, aiming to spread the uprising prominence of lofi hip-hop worldwide and also locally with a kawaii-themed style. "Sushi Bar" serves as a twist in the vibe for today's music especially in the chill instrumental and lofi genres. Inspired by many popular record labels promoting the prominence of lofi music such as Lofi Girl, Chillhop music and The Bootleg boy, Kanimayo Lofi hopes to do its part in spreading the positivity and awareness of lofi music to potential audiences in search for relaxing instrumental beats to study, chill and relax to!



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