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Jean, Reiki

Release Date:2020-11-11

KI is the energy that differentiates one from inanimate beings. When KI flows harmoniously, it allows us to play and dance in sync with the rhythms of life. This EP celebrates the ambrosia hours when our minds are open to everything and attached to nothing. The opener, ‘Free At Home’ sets out the mood with faded Caribbean beach memories and spacey sounds meandering into dub. Through the sea of reverbs, it submerges the listeners to a deep realm of consciousness; where the freedom echoes of an Afro-futurist meets the inner child for the answer behind the world’s existential dread!  ‘Thi Tho’ Means “Play” in Hokkien, a mother tongue Reiki grew up with. The soundtrack’s light beats and melodic textures whisks one away from the modern reality before taking a stroll down the memory lane to a simpler nostalgic past!  From NYC, Nick Neutronz hails from the innovative ‘Terraform’ music scene which are heavily inspired by spirituality and distant planets with drums and rhythms of terrestrial street and club music. For his remix, it brought a different intensity to the original track. His sonic flair of captivating melodies and atmospheric pads over energetic drums leaves the listeners a dense low, wistful feeling, almost like coming home to a parallel universe.



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