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The Monster in the Mirror Musical

Bitesize Theatre Productions

Release Date:2021-03-12
Label:Bitesize Theatre Productions

16 year old Jane is constantly bullied in school and scolded at home by her overbearing mother. Worse still, she is continually tormented by the self-critical voices in her head. That is, until she receives a magic mirror from a flamboyant Fairy God Delivery Beng. She peers into this mirror and finds herself face to face with someone who has been living in her head all her life - a monster. “The Monster in the Mirror Musical” is a hilarious and touching musical about what it means to love yourself. It is Singapore's first digi-theatrical musical experience that has been developed since 2018. This musical hopes to empower young people to understand and accept themselves for who they are; bruises, scars and all.



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Evon Tang

Love this album! As a whole, I enjoyed listening to every single song. I particularly like ‘Pale Blue Horizon’ , ‘Me and You’ , ‘Sink/Swim’ (Always brought tears to my eyes) and ‘Protein Smoothie Hashtag Blessed’. It’s on repeat both on Spotify and in my head. 🤪 Love the messages that were conveyed. Beautiful voices, melody and lyrics. Can’t wait to watch the musical!!’