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The Runaway Pianist 3

Peng, Chi, Sheng

Release Date:2020-05-04
Label:Intune Music

Peng Chi Sheng launched his debut piano album The Runaway Pianist I during end 2017. Within 2 years, his album gained popularity in countries like Taiwan and China, and Chi Sheng felt very motivated when he noticed that his royalties were also increasing steadily. He then started to pen some random tunes, before deciding to record another album. Peng Chi Sheng’s newest piano instrumental album The Runaway Pianist III is a collection of stories from his deepest thoughts on love and relationships, his revelations and reflections during his weekly runs at the beach and parks, and his annual escapes to countries like Kyoto, Okinawa and Hoi An, Vietnam. The First Single “Traces of Fingerprints” tells the story of Chi Sheng’s personal relationship with his loved one. He knows how the depth of this relationship has caused him to appreciate the smallest things in life much more. Material possessions are always good to enjoy, but Chi Sheng now values more the moments spent together with his loved one reading a book, watching a wildlife documentary, singing the same song in the car, and also travelling to other countries, experiencing new cultures and exotic foods. This album of 10 songs is a collection of different genres and moods, including cute and cheerful songs inspired from children programmes that Chi Sheng watched when he was growing up during the 1980s, for eg, Sesame Street. Other than relaxing bossa nova tunes, Chi Sheng has also penned some romantic piano ballads infused with sounds of Korean, Chinese oriental and Japanese Anime music.



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