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What Fools Do

Sarsa Kailas

Release Date:2020-09-22



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Timothy See

Amazing song - perfect for listening to while working late at night

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Due to the psychedelic elements in the drum bests throughout the song, I was transported to a meditative and immersive mindscape, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I believe this song has caused a breakthrough especially in the local music scene, by exploring motifs that are atypical in the contemporary music industry. It dwells in a skilful fashion, on the daily ruminations and mental struggles many of us experience - the tendency to overthink and over-worry like “what fools do”. It is remarkable how the song managed to capture this universal experience many will find relatable, especially in the rawness of the lyrics as seen in how nothing is romanticised in any way. The song managed to capture the complexity of our human psyche with the authenticity of Sarsa’s rich vocals, that are empowered by the haunting, languid backtrack, featuring a blend of nature sounds. This was an element I found that particularly tantalised my senses as it was a nice juxtaposition against the powerful vocals. In totality, listening to the song is like having your ears coated like aloe vera on a flushing wound. Which, is an ironic echo of the artist’s intentions, to capitalise on her music as a channel to convey that one’s wounds may be painful, but her music illustrates this hope to heal that.

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Sophie Hilbert

Something magically different! I love this piece for a lot of reasons but I think mostly because it is different to most of what we get to hear in the radio. For me it is a piece of art! The way the music creates this very particular atmosphere gives me goose bumps. It really manages to capture a very particular mood that perfectly undermines the lyrics and message of the song. Besides that Sarsa’s voice is just amazing and also very unique. The total picture that is painted in this song, is a picture I won’t get tired looking at all too soon!

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Strong debut from young Singaporean singer Sarsa Kailas. While her sound hints a close identification with Adele, she is still able to provide a unique touch. Even more, her deeply personal lyrics touch upon one of today's most pressing but still underrepresented topics - mental health. With her song "What Fools Do", Sarsa expresses her relationship with her anxious and sometimes chaotic mind and how both impact her daily life. Highly recommendable!!